Our Story

Hi my name is Vanessa Mejia, founder and CEO of WOW KIDS HAIR CARE.
I created WOW KIDS HAIR CARE because I was tired of spending money on hair products that I wasn't sure would work for my childrens hair and most of the time ended up not working for their hair.
I have 2 kids with a different hair texture than mind and I quickly found that products that worked for me, was way too much for their hair and the products for them wasn't enough for me. That is how WOW KIDS HAIR CARE was created. 
I wanted to create hair products for my kids and other kids that were safe, made with natural ingredients, safe for my kids eyes, smelled good and looked exciting and fun to use. 
So i thought;
why not make my own products for my kids and teach other people how to care for their own children's curls along the way! 
From our Subscription box Curly Kid Kit - WOW KIDS HAIR CARE was born! 
WOW KIDS HAIR CARE is a natural hair care line that has high quality ingredients in all of its products. We strive to bring our WOW KIDS paraben free, silicone & sulfate free hair care products. We are different then other hair care brands because we offer bundled deals with hair tools so you can experience WOW KIDS products. We offer moisturizing, exciting , hair care products for your curly kids.  Try our bundled products like the Hair Growth Bundle with our Magic Hair Growth Serum & Scalp Massager,
WOW KIDS HAIR CARE has so much to bring to the curly kids community and we can't wait for you to experience it with us. 
We started with our Hair Growth Oil and are now expanding with our full collections. To stay updated when new products launch , make sure to sign up to our email list and get 10% off your order. 
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You can find our CEO Vanessa HERE @Nessanicole_